Ten years ago, the courts wrongly decided that corporations, not people, could spend unlimited amounts in pursuit of policies and politicians that benefit their bottom line.  The Citizens United decision is perhaps the greatest threat to our Democracy and our future because corporations can drown out your voice by simply spending unlimited amounts on propaganda in favor of their chosen politician.
As a result, we have seen almost no legislative movement on climate action.  The last 5 years have been the hottest on earth, our ice caps are melting, and we are living in the beginning of a mass extinction.  Yet even in the face of an existential threat, we see an astonishing lack of leadership.  Meanwhile, the US spends over $600 Billion on fossil fuel subsidies while fossil fuel corporations continue to donate and spend to influence our future.
Healthcare costs have risen 5 times faster than wages, and prescription drug prices skyrocket pass the rate of inflation.   Over 30 million Americans are without health insurance and twice as many are under-insured.  Meanwhile, insurance and pharma companies are making record profits and spend tens of millions on campaign contributions and unlimited amounts on political ads.  We continue to see mass shootings and gun violence in our nation coupled with a failure to act.  Yet the gun lobby has been given a blank check to advocate on behalf of their favorite politicians.
Americans from all political backgrounds overwhelmingly agree that corporate influence does not belong in politics.  Our democracy is not for sale.  Let’s remember that corporations are not people.  People Vote, not companies.  We need to end corporate influence on politics, and it starts by running a campaign for and by the People.