-All registered voters will be eligible for absentee voting in the June Primary via the Primary Election Executive Order: https://www.in.gov/sos/elections/files/Indiana%20Election%20Commission%20Order%202020-37%20(002)%20g.pdf

– Voters still need to send in a primary ballot request form to receive a ballot.

– All prior forms indicating a May 5th election are still valid, as per the governor’s Executive Order.


INDIANA ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST FORM: https://forms.in.gov/Download.aspx?id=8688


How to Obtain an Absentee Ballot


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                        

Date: February 7, 2020

Cannabis Statement from Jennifer Christie, 5th Congressional District Candidate

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – Statement from Jennifer Christie, candidate for the 5th Congressional District, regarding the legalization of cannabis, marijuana, and hemp:

“It is time to end the federal and state prohibitions on cannabis, marijuana, and hemp by legalizing its use for industrial, medicinal, and recreational purposes.

Fully legalizing cannabis benefits our economy, our healthcare, and our planet. We must take bold action to solve the climate crisis, and that is why I have released a Climate Agenda which can be found on my website (JenniferForIndiana.com) with specific actions that will bring us to zero carbon emissions. In a new green economy, hemp and marijuana crops provide opportunities for farmers and businesses.  Utilizing hemp instead of fossil fuels for plastics and other manufacturing products, such as paper and textiles, reduces greenhouse gases. 

We must give doctors and patients access to the medicines that work for them. Medicinal marijuana could save money for patients while reducing dependencies on addictive drugs like opioids.  Furthermore, we need to make sure that medicinal marijuana is covered by all types of insurance and at the VA. I am an advocate for a Medicare For All system which would also require consistent prescription coverage including marijuana, across all states. Right now, a person who legally buys medicinal marijuana in Denver and flies to Illinois, could technically be arrested in the air (federal jurisdiction) even though their medicine is legal in both states. We need a federal law that legalizes Cannabis. 

Ending the prohibition has positive economic effects. We are losing tax revenue to the black market that could otherwise be used to improve education, fund healthcare, and other important issues. Legalizing recreational marijuana would provide a way to capture that revenue as well as provide the opportunity to establish safety and product integrity standards much like we do with alcohol (which is widely known to carry more deadly risks than marijuana). Opening a legal market creates jobs for farmers, businesses, has export potential, and generates much needed tax revenue. In addition, it gives businesses fair treatment. Perfectly legal cannabis businesses in some states cannot access federal banks and federal tax deductions due to the inconsistent legalization. 

This is also about freedom. Adults should have the freedom to choose whether they want to responsibly use marijuana. Instead, we criminalize it and waste public dollars to imprison people for a non-violent issue. That is a waste of taxpayer dollars and police resources. We should expunge the records of those who have been imprisoned for marijuana and decriminalize it so that no one goes to jail for marijuana. We need to simply end the prohibition now. Otherwise, 100 years from now, our grandchildren will wonder why we were more concerned about someone going home to “smoke a joint” than solving important issues like the existential threat of climate change.”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                        

Date: January 21, 2020

Media Contact: Amanda Shepherd, (317) 476-2170                                                   

 Join a Canvass for Climate with Jennifer Christie, 5th Congressional District Candidate

Christie is Running for the 5th Congressional District Seat on a Platform of Progressive Causes, Leading with Solving the Climate Crisis

 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – Jennifer Christie, candidate for the 5th Congressional District, is hosting a “Canvass for Climate” at her Zionsville campaign office on Saturday, January 25th beginning at 11:00 AM. Christie has centered her campaign around the issue of climate change and is looking to encourage more people in her district to get involved in solving the greatest challenge of our time. Her people-driven campaign has dedicated itself to elect a candidate to Congress who will put the issue of climate front and center in her agenda on Capitol Hill.

At the Climate Canvass, Christie will sign a pledge to support Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763), which will reduce America’s emissions by at least 40% in the first 12 years as part of her larger climate agenda, which can be found on her website jenniferforindiana.com. She will also sign an endorsement of the Green New Deal, which she fully supports and plans to push if elected.

After a short ceremony in which Christie will sign the above, volunteers will be given information and instructions before being sent out to talk with voters in the neighborhood around the campaign office.

Jennifer is running a campaign entirely dependent on the people – not the corporations – and on a platform of climate action, single-payer healthcare, women’s rights, passage of the Equality Act, a $15 minimum wage, workers’ rights, gun reform, redistricting reform, and more.



Date: January 8, 2020

Media Contact: Amanda Shepherd, (317) 476-2170

5th Congressional District Jennifer Christie Speaks Out on Iran

Christie is Running for the 5th Congressional District Seat on a Platform of Progressive Causes, Leading with Addressing the Climate Crisis

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – Iran has now sought retaliation for the assassination of Qassim Suleimani by attacking U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq. While there is no question that Suleimani was an enemy of America and our allies, the fact that President Trump did not alert our Congressional leaders nor our allies before taking this instigative action is deeply disturbing and irresponsible. The American People expect our leaders to be nonpartisan and responsible when it comes to acts of war. Our Constitution grants authority to Congress, not the President, to declare war.

A quote from Christie on January 7th:

“In this moment, Congress must take back the Constitutional power to make decisions about war on behalf of the People. In this moment, we must show leadership by deescalating the rising tensions between Iran and the USA. It’s time to be the adult in the room. In the middle of his impeachment, Trump assassinated Suleimani and we have yet to hear detailed or compelling reasons for his decision to act without consulting Congress nor our allies. An endless war with Iran is not in the interest of the people of America, Iran, nor of the world. It is time for cool heads and forward thinking.”

Jennifer is running a campaign entirely dependent on the people – not the corporations – and on a platform of climate action, single-payer healthcare, women’s rights, passage of the Equality Act, a $15 minimum wage, workers’ rights, gun reform, redistricting reform, and more.




3.31.20 Jennifer talks with Gary about the upcoming June 2nd primary and campaigning in the Coronavirus era.

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