We must stand for those who are disproportionately impacted by violence and prejudice in the criminal justice system, environmental hazards, and voter suppression. Jennifer believes in addressing the structural inequity of our current systems through many available measures.

Jennifer calls for ending the for-profit prison system and cash bail regime, which benefit all too often from the arrests for nonviolent offenses – or who are never convicted of crimes but are too poor to afford their own bail. We must end the practice of criminalizing poverty and allowing the rich to get even richer off of others’ misfortune. These measures are not only vital for standing up for people of color, but for all people, as corrosive systems have impacted all levels of society.

Additionally, we must require all police officers to wear body cameras. This increases accountability and documentation that can help serve justice. Then we must also assure that justice is served with equity in our courts.

We must also advocate for minority communities who are often the most harmed by environmental degradation, whether it be from industrial pollution or groundwater contamination.

Finally, we must end voter suppression and gerrymandering in order to allow every voice to be heard in our elections.

Together, we can address the growing racial and economic disparity in our communities, but we must be willing to own up to the entrenched racism that exists in so many of our systems and work together to reform our societies and our mindset so that we can truly be a nation of justice and equality.