The 5th district is home to America’s heartland and has always been a leader in agriculture. Agriculture should benefit farmers and rural communities, as well as the environment. Instead, family farms are being pushed out by large agribusiness. Jennifer supports comprehensive legislation that provides grants, technical support and debt relief to small and family farms with a focus on sustainable agriculture. Farmers are leaders, and we should have financial incentives for farms of all sizes that combat climate change and improve ecosystems, sustainability, and communities.

Likewise, we must protect the environment and economy for all rural residents. Large agribusiness profits from the resources of rural America. Factory farms must be accountable for keeping residents safe from waste and chemical use. Specifically, we must improve the oversight for Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). CAFOs are rarely held accountable for federal clean water and air standards, and rural residents pay the price with their health and property values.

Revitalizing rural America also means investing in infrastructure. Every town in America should have broadband internet access and a main street to be proud of. Jennifer supports funding broadband access, reinstating net neutrality, and investing in rural students, businesses, infrastructure, and services so that rural communities are thriving.

Jennifer also supports hemp and medical marijuana legislation that legalizes these crops and opens new markets to farmers. Hemp will help the world reduce plastic pollution and is a sustainable fiber source. America should legalize medical marijuana in all 50 states so that patients and doctors can have access to treatments that work.


“You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can.”

— Jimmy Carter