Higher education is becoming a dream that is financially unaffordable for many families.  That hurts America.  We should substantially increase Pell grants and provide tuition-free options for any student who wants to earn a college degree or trade apprenticeship because education is one of the greatest investments we can make.

America benefits when we invest in students and teachers.  It’s time we treat teachers like the professionals that they are.  Our world-class educators have much to offer if we only let them lead. We should be investing in public schools without tying funding to test scores.  While having goals is important, you must have the right metric and standardized test scores aren’t meaningful.  Jennifer supports eliminating federal requirements for standardized testing.

Jennifer supports increasing federal funding to public schools for the purpose of increasing teacher pay, student education, and student needs. This means fully funding the arts, humanities, and sciences while also assuring that students have sufficient services to meet mental health and physical needs such as counseling, outdoor education/recess, and meal programs.

America has a shortage of K-12 teachers because we have failed to invest in them, empower them, and support them.  Jennifer advocates budget funding that will help educators obtain degrees and continuing education tuition-free so that we can increase the number of teachers and decrease class sizes.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin