College tuition rates continue to increase, more than double the rate of inflation, while wages aren’t keeping up. Students graduate with increasingly higher debt making it even more difficult to build careers, start families, or pursue their dreams.  Likewise, parents are less able to help their children attend college due to sharply rising tuition costs.  I am in favor of funding public college and trade school tuition as well as canceling student debt. This would transform our nation both economically as well as academically in a time when we desperately need innovation.  Furthermore, we can fund Education for All without raising income taxes. A small tax on speculative Wall Street trading (50 cents on every $100) would generate enough income (approximately $2.4 Trillion over 10 years) to forgive student debt and pay for tuition for anyone who wants a higher education.  It would be the best investment Wall Street could ever make!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin