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Climate Change

We are running out of time to solve the greatest challenge to ever face humanity. The threat that climate change poses will affect nearly every aspect of our lives including food and water resources as well as infrastructure, health, and national security.  Shifts in global temperatures will cause mass extinction, rising sea levels, dramatic increases [...]


Nowhere on Earth does healthcare cost more per capita than in the United States. The current system is unsustainable. It’s time we simplify the process to allow for single-payer healthcare that guarantees health care for every American without exception. We have already proven that the Medicare system works. Guaranteeing health care as a human right [...]

Universal Basic Income

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the fact that our neighbors' well-being matters to each and every one of us. It is time to implement a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to raise up every American and create a more stable and just economy. Not only is UBI a more efficient way to eliminate homelessness and hunger, [...]

Gun Safety

Gun violence is an epidemic that requires common sense gun legislation. The majority of Americans, including legal gun-owners, already support such measures. Currently, laws vary wildly between states making gun safety more challenging. Implementing consistent nation-wide laws is critical to making gun safety meaningful. Implementing universal background checks so that every gun sale has the [...]

Election Integrity

The most powerful person in any election should be the voter; corporations are not people. The Citizen’s United vs FEC decision was a major step backward for campaign finance reform. As a result, Super-PACs have been given a larger voice than you as a voter. That’s not right. Super-PACs should be abolished to help return [...]

Education for All

College tuition rates continue to increase, more than double the rate of inflation, while wages aren't keeping up. Students graduate with increasingly higher debt making it even more difficult to build careers, start families, or pursue their dreams.  Likewise, parents are less able to help their children attend college due to sharply rising tuition costs.  [...]

LGBTQ+ Equality

LGBTQ+ and gender equality is very personal to Jennifer.  She has many close LGBTQ+ family members and has seen firsthand the blatant discrimination and hate that LGBTQ+ people face every day.  Federal law does very little to explicitly guarantee civil rights regarding gender identity or sexual  orientation and it should. The right to Equal Marriage [...]

Workers’ Rights

We can thank American unions for giving us the weekends off, safer working conditions, and benefits. The labor movement made the American dream possible for millions and millions of people. We should make it easier for people to join unions and protect workers’ rights. When 40% of Americans cannot cover a $400 emergency and a [...]

Equal Pay

It’s discouraging that we still need to be discussing this, yet there is still a gender pay gap. Women make less than 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. It gets worse when you break it down by race. Black and Latina women earn only 67 and 58 cents respectively compared to white men. [...]

Justice & Equality

We must stand for those who are disproportionately impacted by violence and prejudice in the criminal justice system, environmental hazards, and voter suppression. Jennifer believes in addressing the structural inequity of our current systems through many available measures. Jennifer calls for ending the for-profit prison system and cash bail regime, which benefit all too often [...]

Agriculture & Rural Investment

The 5th district is home to America’s heartland and has always been a leader in agriculture. Agriculture should benefit farmers and rural communities, as well as the environment. Instead, family farms are being pushed out by large agribusiness. Jennifer supports comprehensive legislation that provides grants, technical support and debt relief to small and family farms [...]


We are a nation of immigrants, and we should take pride in that heritage and diversity. Most Americans have grandparents who were like the 1.8 million Dreamers today; they came for a better life or were brought here by their parents in hope for a bright future. We should act quickly to give legal status [...]

Consumer Protection

American families will pay $122 billion in interest payments to credit cards this year, and that number has been climbing each year. The median interest rate for credit cards is over 21% APR.  Meanwhile, banks are making record profits with $237 billion in profits last year and benefit from record tax breaks. Jennifer supports legislation [...]

Reproductive Health

Recently, several states have eliminated a woman’s right to control her own body even for victims of rape and incest. These laws overstep government’s role and hurt poor women, victims of sexual assault, and young women disproportionately. All women should have full rights to control their own body; it is for this reason the Hyde [...]


In recent years, we have seen unprecedented attacks on our democracy ranging from assaults on our Free Press to your Free Speech and more. We have also seen the deliberate attack by foreign governments to interfere with free and fair elections, which are the foundation of our country. The constitution is not up for negotiation. [...]

Science & Innovation

Jennifer is a scientist and believes we should make legislative decisions based on data and facts, not based on special interest donors. Likewise, innovation creates growth and solves tough problems. We must be forward-thinking in our legislation and budget processes. From a green economy to eradicating disease or solving agricultural challenges, we must work smart [...]

Arts & Humanities

Jennifer is an avid supporter of the arts. She believes music, art, and performance represent the best of who we are and are essential to growing communities. Art districts have proven to revive towns and art education has priceless value that helps people and communities thrive. She is committed to increasing funding for the arts [...]

National Security

Congress must reclaim its Constitutional authority to determine when or if America engages in war.  Our nation has been involved in seemingly endless foreign wars and conflict for far too long, and the People should have a say through Congress before we commit our troops. We have also failed to adequately address some of the [...]

Endangered Species

Our planet’s biodiversity is not only beautiful and fascinating, but it is also essential to the existence of life on Earth.  The web of life is so intricately woven that we are connected in the most fundamental and unexpected ways.  The effects of climate change are profoundly effecting biodiversity; We are at the beginning of [...]

Cannabis Reform

It is time to end the federal and state prohibitions on cannabis, marijuana, and hemp by legalizing its use for industrial, medicinal, and recreational purposes.  Legalizing cannabis benefits our economy, our healthcare, and our planet. In a time when farmers are hard-hit by climate change, hemp and marijuana crops also provide opportunities for farmers and businesses.  [...]

End Citizens United

Ten years ago, the courts wrongly decided that corporations, not people, could spend unlimited amounts in pursuit of policies and politicians that benefit their bottom line.  The Citizens United decision is perhaps the greatest threat to our Democracy and our future because corporations can drown out your voice by simply spending unlimited amounts on propaganda [...]