Mom. Scientist. Entrepreneur. Educator. Watch Jennifer Launch her Mission for Congress 2020


Jennifer is not a traditional politician. She is a scientist, mom of four young children, and has been a resident of the 5th district for 20 years. She has been married for 17 years and has many pets, including her 18-year old pug named Milo. Jennifer is a person of faith. She is a parishioner at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church where she also teaches Sunday School and is active with music and several ministries.

As a professional, she has spent most of her career as a scientist. She graduated from Purdue with honors in Chemistry, Biology, and Math and later earned an MBB in Six Sigma (i.e. statistical process improvement). She has worked as an Environmental Chemist, Outdoor Educator, Zoologist, and Grassroots Organizer. As an MBB, she worked in healthcare to improve processes for clinical trials. She has also owned and operated a successful and profitable small business where she coached and mentored hundreds of women entrepreneurs.

Jennifer was born in a small farming town in northwestern Pennsylvania where some of her family members still farm today. She is the oldest of 5 children. Her mother was a nurse and had a wonderful sense of humor. She taught Jennifer to laugh at herself and to be kind and generous. Her father owned several auto-parts stores and still runs a small business. As a child, her father would take her family traveling around the country, camping, hiking, and learning about our nation’s history. She remembers trips out West and to Washington DC where, standing at a monument or historical site, her father would tell her the great stories of our nation. Her father taught her to work hard and gave her a love for democracy. Her grandparents, on both sides, have served in WWII, WWI, Civil, and Revolutionary wars. One of her grandfathers served in both WWI and then again in WWII alongside his son and future son-in-law. Jennifer’s great-uncle also served in the Korean War and still actively advocates with other veterans of that war. Growing up around such service and patriotism, she feels a deep gratitude and connection to our country and the values that shaped our nation.

Jennifer has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, South America, and parts of Europe. She has witnessed environmental and socioeconomic issues that left a lasting impression on her. Her commitment to the environment and healthcare are core to who she is, and she will fight for our right to a healthy planet and body.

Jennifer is an avid Arts enthusiast and believes that the arts and humanities represent the best in us and can cross all human boundaries. She and her family actively participate and support music and the performing arts as well as visual arts.


Jennifer is a mom of four young children and treasures this role as her most important one. Her children are the very reason she’s running. After watching the lack of action and failure to lead on important issues that will impact her children’s lives, she decided to step up. She tried calling representatives, writing letters, and volunteering like so many people do — only to see no change. Every mom will fight for her children, and that’s what Jennifer is doing.

She is fighting for her kids, your kids, and our future. When she is elected, she will continue to fight for children and families so that our policies, tax code, and laws work for the People and leave future generations a healthier planet.


Jennifer is a Chemist and Biologist. She graduated with honors from Purdue University with a B.S. in Chemistry, B.A. in Biology, and minor in Mathematics. She went on to earn her MBB in Six Sigma.

Jennifer has worked for the environment in many ways – as an Environmental Chemist, Educator, and Organizer. As an Environmental Chemist, she tested environmental samples for EPA compliance and clean-up sites. As a grassroots organizer, she worked for the Sierra Club to advocate for clean water, air, and endangered species. She has also worked at zoos and nature centers to care for animals and to educate children and help people connect with nature.

Jennifer has also worked in healthcare. She was a process improvement specialist in a clinical research organization and managed teams both nationally and internationally. In this multi-national company, she also served as Diversity Chair. Jennifer currently teaches community science classes in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics and is writing a children’s book.

Jennifer is also a strong supporter of small business and entrepreneurship. She started and ran a profitable small business for more than 8 years where she coached and mentored over 200 women entrepreneurs.