7 Best New Crypto Trading Platforms

Today everyone wants a share of the Bitcoin pie; banks, institutional investors and hedge funds are now titling towards cryptocurrencies that were earlier considered suspicious and unreliable. In 2021, there are as many as 4000 cryptos and the total crypto market cap surpasses $2 trillion, half of which is accounted for by Bitcoins. In spite of the global pandemic, Bitcoin values continued to skyrocket. While you will find many secure, and reliable platforms out there that offer excellent customer supports, high-end security and exciting features, these have turned stagnant recently.

With Bitcoins and other cryptos being used as a medium of payment for goods and services across different industries, it is only natural that it will soon find a place in sports betting. As a resident in the state of Indiana, you need to identify the best Indiana sports betting sites to check whether they accept Bitcoin payments. Sports betting industry in the US earns in billions, and Forbes is of the opinion that the industry is capable of generating more than $20 billion once all the 50 states legitimize sports betting.

It goes without saying that Bitcoin is one of the most preferred payment methods in the world of online gambling. Now the question is whether you can use your cryptos to fund your betting account. The truth is this is still not permitted in the US in most of the top sports betting websites. Each sportsbook will have its deposit options but you are unlikely to find Bitcoins being allowed in the more popular sites. While the sportsbooks are not really against cryptocurrencies, they are forced to conform to regulations the state has enforced. And sports betting regulations in the country prevent the best sportsbooks from accepting Bitcoins, even in Indiana.

At the same time, you will be happy to learn that there are indeed some alternative ways by which you can use Bitcoins to fun your betting account. For instance, Neteller is commonly endorsed as one of the payment options by most states. This service will accepts Bitcoins and other cryptos as payment. When this money is linked to the Neteller account, you may use it to transfer funds to your betting account on an Indiana sports betting site.

With too many users to satisfy, making changes or introducing too much innovation can be risky. Here are the best new crypto trading platforms that you can consider:

  1. Coinuma: This crypto platform boasts of an easy-to-use interface, wide variety of assets to choose from, not regulated and using simply KYC norms, with fees that are at par with other reputed exchanges. Today, you can only engage in crypto-crypto trading at Coinuma but fiat currency trades will soon be introduced. Users can trade almost 43 assets including BTC, Dash, LTC, ETH, etc and exchange fees are about 0.1% for the makers and 0.2% for the takers.
  2. Decoin: Founded in 2017, Decoin was launched to offer users a platform that was both secure and user-friendly especially for novices. It offer users an attractive profit-sharing program. You can buy cryptos with fiat currency and choose from a wide range of tokens. It innovates through incentives like discounts and promotions and keeps adding new cryptos to its already exhaustive list of coins. You can trade Bitcoins, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, QTUM, Ripple, DASH, EOS, etc.
  3. Prime XBT: This versatile cryptoexchange lets you trade Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, etc. You cannot buy cryptos with fiat currency and currently the platform offers 4 cryptos. The exchange has its headquarters in Seychelles and was set up in 2018. It provides leveraged trading in cryptos like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple, etc and Forex currencies like GBP, EUR and USD.
  4. Phemex: This platform came about in 2019 and was meant to be a secure and fast-trading reliable platform for cryptos backed by excellent customer support. It trades both contracts and cryptos making it a versatile platform. You can access a trading simulator to learn the ropes, and take advantage of zero trade fees when you are a premium member. While there may not be fiat deposit or withdrawal facility you can enjoy a welcome bonus.
  5. FTX: Founded in 2019, FTX was started by experienced traders and offer a wide choice of contracts for trades. FTX is not a crypto trade platform per se; it is more of a crypto derivatives trade platform. So, you trade contracts based upon tokens, and not the tokens themselves. FTX also offers many trading products such as volatility contracts and perpetual futures.
  6. Crypto.com: This crypto trading platform offers more than 50 cryptos for trading purposes and users can spend tokens easily with crypto-backed debit cards. This platform will not only provide exchange services but also means to buy and spend tokens.
  7. BTSE: BTSE was founded in 2018 in Dubai for mainly veteran traders. Users that sign up on this new crypto trading platform can access 6 assets for trades. The platform also provides futures market trading and spot trading features. It is not recommended for beginners and does not provide crypto tokens trading; only trading of contracts. This makes BTSE a second crypto derivatives trading platform where users can trade in crypto contracts and not tokens.
  8. Yuan pay group: Yuan Pay Group is one of the credible cryptocurrency trading platforms that deals with an exclusive cryptocurrency called the “Yuan Pay Coin” or “e-Yuan”. It also provides users with educational tools to help them navigate the world of cryptocurrency trading. According to the yuan pay group offiziell, it is licensed to issue Yuan Pay Coins or other Chinese-backed CBDCs.